Philosophy & Approach

We believe that building can be a regenerative process. Rather than a separation from nature, we see building as an opportunity to forge and repair connections with nature and celebrate the natural gifts of the site. We strive to create places that cultivate health, comfort, and joy.

lsda-hirsch-shoup0005Our services reflect your unique spirit and style, and the resulting designs marry timeless proportions and details with high performance techniques.

Custom design and construction offers a valuable opportunity to make the most of what your site has to offer. Spaces that respond to sun, wind, water, vegetation, slopes, and views are not only more naturally efficient and resilient, but create a deep sense of connection between indoors and out. We evaluate the potential of every project for the relationship between site and built form, passive design, and net positive energy performance.

Some favorite strategies to create expressive spaces of resilient beauty are:

  • Optimize building orientation for privacy, views, community context, and solar exposure
  • Integrate building and site through massing, scale, and material choices
  • Provide physical and visual connection between the indoors and outdoors
  • Employ natural lighting for beauty, comfort, and cost savings
  • Protect air quality with healthful, non-toxic products and natural ventilation
  • Maximize your building’s energy efficiency and reduce operation costs
  • Source regional materials to minimize shipping and support local economies
  • Design for material efficiency and construction cost savings
  • Plan for phased construction to suit your financial needs
  • Incorporate universal design solutions for aging in place

For centuries, people have built with materials available in nature and from their own region. We have such a rich material palette in the Pacific Northwest that you can build expressively and durably, and create a deep sense of place – all to suit your taste and budget.