Jane Bakken and Jack Fecker
Terry Phelan is an exceptional architect who combines her authentic caring for the environment with her clients’ best interest to create beautiful and functional designs. She was our first choice when we decided to build our second straw bale home, and was exceptional during every stage of this process. She has consistently demonstrated the rare combination of tenacity, caring, and professionalism throughout.

Amy Anderson
I am sitting here at the desk with the sun streaming in through our new south facing French doors. We enjoyed breakfast out on the south deck yesterday morning, and our neighbor to the north came over to join us for a cup of coffee. He was really surprised that we could sit on the deck without coats because the north side of the house was still covered with frost. Just goes to show the power of the sun. The best testament is when we are sitting on the deck in the morning enjoying the sunshine and drinking coffee and I look at Bill and say, “This is exactly what I wanted.” 

Janet and Steve Keller
Terry needs to be commended on her diligence in helping us get our building permit. Many calculations, requirements and meetings were needed to receive permission to build our home on a flood plain site in regulation-laden King County. Terry was persistent and professional. We highly recommend her.

Norval and Connie Fliegel
When we started planning our retirement home neither one of us could have imagined how involved we would become in seeking out ways of building our home that would not only involve us in the building but doing so in a environmentally friendly way. When our home is completed I have no doubt that we will have a home that is friendly, healthy, comfortable and one that we will enjoy for the rest of our lives. So far this has truly been a fantastic experience!